Quickly and easily transform BIM into production data

ConstruSteel OnlineConstruSteel Online quickly and easily transforms BIM into usable production data. After a simple BIM import, the ConstruSteel bar nesting software optimizes the most efficient material use in just a few seconds, taking own stock, supplier lengths and available machines into account. After purchasing and delivery of the required material, all machine data and digital cutting lists will be released for production in the workshop.

ConstruSteel generates DSTV+ (standardised .nc1 file) and PNI (for Ficep machines) file formats for controlling steel fabrication machines. This ensures all the cutting information can be sent to all the machines (for example Voortman, Ficep, Kaltenbach, Peddinghaus, Behringer or Daito).

Automate your steel fabrication with ConstruSteel.

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Improved efficiency and quality for steel fabrication companies

  • Optimize material use with advanced bar nesting
  • Over 75% time saving for preparing production
  • Easily manage purchase orders
  • Efficient deployment of fabrication machines
  • Transform BIM into DSTV+, PNI or digital cutting lists

Discover the power of ConstruSteel Online. In our vision, every structural steel company will have access to powerful, innovative and easy-to-use software for steel fabrication. ConstruSteel Online quickly and easily transforms 3D BIM into usable production data. BIM data can also be added via an Excel import or adding steel manually in ConstruSteel Online.

Achieve substantial efficiency and quality improvements by optimizing your steel fabrication workflow with ConstruSteel.

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