Advanced Scribing – Sub parts

Advanced Scribing Sub parts - ConstruSteelAdditional lines can be added to locate the position of holes. For example, if a plate with holes needs to be welded on to the main part, lines will be set on the main part perpendicular to the holes on the sub part. If scribing on sub parts is activated an used, a line for positioning holes and / or other main / sub parts will be placed on the sub part for improved alignment.

Besides using Advanced Scribing – Main parts, Advanced Scribing – Sub parts gives you the opportunity to scribe secondary parts, tertairy parts etc. Achieve a higher quality and faster fabrication for both simple and complex assemblies using Advanced Scribing.

Minimise visible scribing lines

The amount of visible scribing lines on steel beams and plates can be minimised by positioning the scribing data under the welded surface during the engineering. This can be set up in the Advanced Scribing solution.

High quality production with Advanced Scribing

  • Generate layout marking on both main and sub parts
  • Easily select types of scribing
  • Flexible output selection
  • Never scribe more than needed
  • No manual scribing means less failure costs

In combination with CNC-controlled machines, Advanced Scribing is one of the most interesting Tekla plug-ins for the structural steel industry. This powerful and easy-to-use innovation has proven itself useful in many steel fabrication companies due to its unique and flexible features.

Advanced Scribing generates scribing lines, pop-marks and layout marking on selected or all steel profiles and plates of your 3D BIM model and ensures that CNC-machines are able to produce more efficiently.

What users say about Advanced Scribing?

” With Advanced Scribing by ConstruSteel we have saved a production time of 30 minutes per tonne! Amazing. ”

” Advanced Scribing for Tekla is more flexible than other scribing solutions and minimizes failure costs. ”

” Higher quality and faster production for both simple and complex assemblies. ”

” ConstruSteel’s Advanced Scribing for Tekla is very user friendly. ”

” The solution is totally worth the money. It pays for itself. ”

” Advanced Scribing by ConstruSteel paid itself back after production of 700 tonnes. Now this solution is making money every tonne. “

Minimal production time by using scribing

Punch and shear machines or drill and saw machines are able to easily place a pop-mark on a steel beam or steel plate, using the drilling tip or punch. Also plate processing machines with a cut and drill tool can easily place these pop-marks. The production output will increase significantly. Also, the downtime of the machine is reduced to a minimum because changing tools is not necessary. All scribing is done fully automatic (DSTV-files / .nc1 files), so failure costs are also reduced to a minimum.

ConstruSteel generates DSTV+ (standardized .nc1 file) and PNI (for Ficep machines) file formats for controlling steel fabrication machines. In that way, the scribing data generated with Advanced Scribing can be send to all steel fabrication machines (for example Voortman, Ficep, Kaltenbach, Peddinghaus, Behringer or Daito).

  • Advanced Scribing | Main parts

    Generate scribing lines / layout marking on steel profiles and plates for all main parts in order to indicate the position of secondary parts.

    Scribing | Main parts
  • Advanced Scribing | Sub parts

    Generate scribing lines / layout marking on steel profiles and plates for all parts that need te be welded on to main or sub parts of the assembly.

    Scribing | Sub parts

Advanced ScribingA demo of Advanced Scribing?

Our specialists will be happy to demonstrate the power of ConstruSteel’s Advanced Scribing.

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