ConstruSteel software solutions

ConstruSteel provides two innovative software solutions for steel fabricators, steel suppliers and steel service centers all around the world. In our mission to optimise the world of steel, we develop high quality software for steel fabrication automation.

Choose Advanced Scribing for generating layout marking or ConstruSteel to automate and optimise your steel fabrication process.

Steel fabrication software solutions

  • Advanced Scribing

    Easily generate scribing lines / layout marking on steel profiles and plates for quick & easy assembly in the workshop.
    Included: Tekla integration and machine control for scribing.

    Advanced Scribing ►
  • ConstruSteel

    Advanced bar nesting software to optimise material use (such as steel beams and flat bars) for less waste and efficient production.
    Included: Tekla integration and machine control for cutting.

    ConstruSteel ►

Steel fabrication automation flow - ConstruSteel

Quickly and easily transform BIM into production

Daily 5521 users fabricate steel with ConstruSteel. How about you?

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Optimising the world of steel. ConstruSteel.

Reduce failure costs and increase efficiency by optimising your steel fabrication process.
Discover the power of ConstruSteel’s easy-to-use and independent structural steel fabrication software.

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