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ConstruSteel is the world’s most complete steel fabrication software solution and provides you all the necessary tools and information to completely manage your production related resources. Because of the strong focus of ConstruSteel in optimizing the steel fabrication companies, we have developed technical and easy to use solutions. Control your steel fabrication machines with ConstruSteel.

How to control steel fabrication machines easily

ConstruSteel uses standard file formats for integrating with all machine suppliers. Like the DSTV+ format is used for nested bars, other formats e.g. for scribing or welding, can be used for fabrication of assemblies. ConstruSteel has an open interface for all machine suppliers. Fabrication information can be send to all machines like Voortman, Kaltenbach, Ficep or Peddinghaus.

To be able to forecast problematic items in production and assembling and to take the necessary preventions to avoid them, the ConstruSteel system is able to define the parameters of production machines. ConstruSteel will provide you for example the possibility to define a list of default solutions for all kind of machine related production problems. Also estimation and read back of production times in order to create an accurate as possible planning are part of the MRP solution of ConstruSteel.

Complete steel fabrication software

Feedback CNC steel machines

In addition to the estimation of steel production / steel fabrication times using predefined formulas, ConstruSteel provides an option to use real time production / fabrication data from CNC steel machines fabricating steel beams and steel plates.

In this way the ConstruSteel system is able to adjust the production time estimation based on empirical values from a company’s own production facility with CNC machinery. In order to do this as accurate as possible, it is possible to assign different project classifications and define/read back production times related to this classifications. Machine feedback software by ConstruSteel makes it possible to fabricate steel structures in the most efficient way.

ConstruSteel Solution Packages

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