Solutions per process

In our vision, all important processes of every steel fabrication and steel construction company must be supported with next generation software. Achieve substantial efficiency and quality improvements, no matter the size of your company. Discover the possibilities and benefits of the world’s most complete software solution. Optimize your primary and secondary steel fabrication processes and request a demo today. ConstruSteel provides solutions per process for steel fabricators.

  • Production Control

    A more efficient steel fabrication process with less failure costs.

    Production Control
  • Advanced material nesting

    Optimize beams and plates to reduce waste of material.

    Advanced Bar Nesting
  • Scribing / Layout marking

    Generate scribing lines / layout marking on steel profiles and plates.

  • Track & Trace | Labor

    Automatically store data for e.g. activity, duration, related project and assembly in ConstruSteel.

    Track & Trace Labor
  • Track & Trace | Material

    Full control over the material flow from purchasing to the final assembly and erection.

    Track & Trace | Material
  • Machine Control

    Control your CNC machines. ConstruSteel integrates with all machine suppliers using standard file formats.

    Machine control

ConstruSteel Solution Packages

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