Solutions for machine control

Machine ControlConstruSteel is the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use steel fabrication software solution providing you all the necessary tools and information to completely manage steel fabrication. Because of the strong focus of ConstruSteel on optimising the steel fabrication flow, we develop powerful and easy-to-use solutions to control your steel fabrication CNC-machines with ConstruSteel.

How to control steel fabrication machines easily?

ConstruSteel uses standard file formats for integrating with all the steel fabrication machine suppliers. The DSTV+ format (.nc1 file) or PNI format for Ficep machines, is used for nested steel beams, bars, and flat bars and for scribing or layout marking steel profiles, which can be used for producing assemblies in the steel workshop. ConstruSteel provides an open interface for all the machine suppliers.

Bar nesting - ConstruSteel Online

Production data for steel fabrication can be send to all the CNC-controlled steel fabrication machines (beam processing machines: e.g. beamline, beam drill line machine, band saw machine, beam saw machine, combined beam sawing & drilling machine or punching & shearing machine) like Voortman, Ficep, Kaltenbach, Peddinghaus, Behringer or Daito.

ConstruSteel provides a digital cutting plan for the machine operator of manual steel cutting machines.

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Generate production data with ConstruSteel

  • Data for all steel fabrication machines
  • Automated DSTV+ or PNI files
  • Digital cutting list
  • Minimum machine setup time
  • Reduction of failure costs

ConstruSteel generates DSTV+ (standardised .nc1 file) and PNI (for Ficep machines) file formats for controlling steel fabrication machines. This ensures all the cutting information can be sent to all the machines (for example Voortman, Ficep, Kaltenbach, Peddinghaus, Behringer or Daito). Expected production problems will be prevented as ConstruSteel takes your machine properties into account during the advanced bar nesting in order to optimise material use. With the digital cutting plan, the machine controller can manage production immediately.

Machine control with ConstruSteel optimises your steel fabrication flow, providing you with all the production data you require (machine files and digitital cutting lists).

How to prevent possible production errors with ConstruSteel?

To be able to prevent problematic situations for cutting and assembling, ConstruSteel takes all properties of your steel fabrication machine into account. In this way, the generated production data can always be executed by your steel fabrication machine.

Automate your steel fabrication with ConstruSteel.