Track & Trace | Material

Traceability is a very important subject within structural steel companies. A production manager wants to have an instant overview on the status of every part of an actual project, at any time. Next to that it is also important to know how the materials got on location and where it came from. Traceability of all the historical data including quality certificates from the supplier has to be available.

Information at any time

In combination with a free customizable workflow, barcode scanning and workshop terminals the Track & Trace | Material solution of ConstruSteel gives all the control needed for a fluid information flow in and outside the organization. The Track & Trace option will help to gain full control over the material flow from the moment of purchasing to the final assembly and erection of the construction on the building site, or eventually to the life cycle management of the building.

Material flow steel traceability

The material flow starts when a purchase order is made.

Purchase order

  • Purchase order document is generated and saved with the order
  • Delivery document with optional barcodes can be generated and saved with the order
  • Barcode / RFID labels can be generated (theoretical sizes)
  • Quality certificates (Heat nr.) can be saved with the order (also linked to purchase order invoice)

After the purchase order is made a delivery or back order is made.

Delivery / Back order

  • Delivery / Back orders are registered
  • Registration directly in ConstruSteel (Workshop/ deliveries)
  • Registration with barcode scanner
  • Registration/ measuring of exact length/ width
  • Directly visible in Work preparation and Project management modules
  • Print labels with measured sizes (optional)
  • Labelling of delivered products
    1. Product type
    2. Quality
    3. Length (optional)
    4. Width (optional for plates)
    5. Project/batch nr. (optional)
    6. 1D/2D barcode
    7. ID nr.
  • Storage of delivered products with scanning of labels
  • Storage location directly visible in ConstruSteel

The last step of the material flow comes with the production order.

Production order

  • Imported products are routed to production machines/areas
  • Sub batches for each step (machine) in the route are created
  • Files and reports for each fabrication step are generated
  • Production status
  • Products moved to next production machine/area/stock location
  • When the machine has no possibility to send back a production status to ConstruSteel, products and remaining parts are scanned after labelling
  • Labels stay with the product, optional reprinting of labels when necessary

Benefits of Track & Trace | Material

  • Insights in the status of every part
  • Full control over the material flow
  • CE Marking
  • Fast data collection in ConstruSteel software
  • No searching in the workshop for a status update

The Track & Trace | Material software solution is part of the packages MRP Premium.

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