Track & Trace | Labor

Traceability is a very important subject within structural steel companies. A production manager wants to have an instant overview on the status of every part of an actual project, at any time. Next to that it is also important to know who will work on what assembly or who finished an activity and when. Traceability of all the historical data including planning of activities has to be available.

Information at any time

In combination with a free customizable workflow, barcode scanning and workshop terminals the Track & Trace | Labor software solution of ConstruSteel gives all the control needed for a fluid information flow in and outside the organization. The Track & Trace option will help to gain full control over the labor flow from the very start of the fabrication process to the final assembly and erection of the construction on the building site.

How to trace labor in steel fabrication

Together with the track & trace of material, an employee can scan all activities during the fabrication process. The personal scanner will be used during the working day for every activity. By the use of different barcodes per activity and the scan of barcodes on the material and/or drawing information will be send to ConstruSteel after docking the scanner. Activity, time of the activity, related project, assembly, project budget, hour registration, salary payment, every piece of information is stored and automatically processed in ConstruSteel.

Benefits of Track & Trace | Labor with ConstruSteel

  • Significant time savings with automatic information storage
  • Tracability of activities per employee
  • Tracability of work hours per employee
  • Tracability of work quality per employee
  • Integration with other solutions
  • Align working days, project planning and project data
  • Fast data collection

The Track & Trace | Labor software solution is part of the packages MRP Premium.

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