Steel Quotation Management software for steel constructions

Manage your quotations for steel constructions

With the ConstruSteel solution Quotation Management, steel fabrication companies can generate quotations for steel structures very easily. The quotation is automatically linked to the cost estimation of the steel construction and is always tailored to the quoting steel company. Also all made quotations can be managed.

Quotation Management in ConstruSteel

– Clear overview of all quotations
– Status and sales forecast
– Insights in e.g. requests, releases, orders, rejects, delays
– Quotations automatically generated from the cost estimation
– Overview per e.g. account, status, date, region
– Generate reports
– Explore contract opportunities
– Store attachments
– Plan agenda items
– Quick alternative quotations


– Time saving
– Grip on company lay-out
– Pre-defined quotation texts
– Direct link with customer
– Generated from cost estimation
– Overview

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