Plate Nesting – SigmaNest Integration

Straight part nesting for optimisation of straight lengths is standard in the Job Preparation solution. For nesting steel plates ConstruSteel integrates with third parties specialised in plate nesting software and metal sheet nesting software. The nesting of plates is done in the ConstruSteel interface, where the integration with the steel nesting software is developed.

Plate nesting software functionalities

  • Automatic and manual advanced true shape nesting
  • Automatic part pattern recognition
  • Adaptive nesting for multi-head machines
  • Accurate cost and time estimators
  • Drag, drop, and bump features
  • Pre-piercing and tip-up crash avoidance
  • Extensive CAD capabilities
  • Extensive and fully customisable standard shapes library

ConstruSteel functionalities

  • Import of materials and linking to DXF/ DSTV files
  • Conversion of DSTV to DXF option
  • Select intended parts and create a batch for external plate nesting
  • Required batch files (DSTV, DXF) are put in a specific external for import by plate nesting software
  • Send batch information to plate nesting software
  • Send actual stock to plate nesting software
  • Do the nesting in the plate nesting software
  • Read all the information from the nesting back to ConstruSteel
    1. Required material
    2. Stock (+ stock location + ID nr.)
    3. Purchasing
    4. Nested parts per plate
    5. DXF file from each plate
    6. Post processed files of the nested parts (ISO G & M Code / ESSI / EIA)
    7. Required production time
    8. Rest pieces (back to stock + stock location + ID number)
    9. Un-nested parts

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