Mobile Device Suite

Supercharge your steel fabrication or steel construction company and run your business without paper. Use mobile phones and/or tablets and our purpose built mobile apps. Designed to run either online or offline, they are the perfect way to share information throughout your team and cut down on manual administration time.

Time Control App

Let workers easily submit their working time and mark sub processes for jobs and assemblies as complete. From anywhere!

Quality & Progress Management App

Workers can gain a real time insight into all jobs and assemblies, in the workshop or onsite, manage quality check processes in real time.

Logistics App

Complete mobile logistics control. Incoming and outgoing goods, backorders and shipping lists can be checked and reported as complete on a tablet.


The right information for every business relation always available. Various documents, activities etc. are shown for each of the contacts. Sent e-mails, letters etc. can be added to see the history with this relation. Also shown in this solution are the pending, assigned, postponed or rejected offers for this customer.

The Mobile Device Suite software solution can be purchased as Add-on for the package MRP Premium, ERP Premium and ERP Advanced. The Add-on gives you access via mobile apps for all the achieved software solutions within the purchased packages.

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