Job Preparation for optimising and purchasing steel

Manage the key production processes, from purchasing through to bar nesting, creating parts or work shop lists, production planning and job routing. All technical parameters programmed with a benchmark of data collected over many years, gives steel fabrication companies the best and most advanced tool in the steel construction industry.

CAD/DSTV files

The Job Preparation solution makes it possible to import CAD/DSTV files from all the major drawing software, visually check the parts and make adjustments to them if required. Besides all the functionalities of the DSTV viewer/editor the Job Preparation solution has the possibility to do a straight bar nesting. For this purpose it is possible to define one type of machine, for example a sawing/cutting machine with all the parameters necessary to do a proper bar nesting. On the import side there are more options for Excel/ASCII, Tekla Structures and DSTV/CNC data files.

Purchasing, cutting lists and reports

You can manage the purchase process of materials with an inbuilt automated or manual bar nesting to commercial lengths from the supplier or material in your own stock. Send out RFQ’s to multiple suppliers, compare best prices and easily create single or multiple orders, and create steel cutting lists and reports for the workshop.

Unique Tekla plug-in: Job Preparation

ConstruSteel has developed a specialised Tekla plug-in that enables you to directly start bar nesting from the 3D Tekla model including a combined DSTV viewer and editor. The selected parts or the entire 3D model form the basis for further processing in the Job Preparation. With this functionality both the waste percentage can be reduced as well as the setup time of the sawing machine can be minimised.


DSTV import
Excel import and export
Tekla import (parts, assemblies, bolts, nuts and washers, custom fields)
All 3D BIM DSTV/CNC files import (parts, assemblies)
Manual input materials
Editing relevant DSTV parameters
Tekla export (custom fields, statuses), bi-directional link
CNC nesting software / Bar nesting software (straight cuts)
Steel bar cutting optimisation
Link sawing/cutting machine with parameters needed for straight material optimisation
Customisable cutting list and picking list
Customisable workshop lists (parts and assemblies)
Free customisable material database
Import of supplier price lists
Trade lengths per supplier
Excel import for material database
Functionality for price requests
Functionality for purchase orders
Customisable request and purchase reports (PDF)
Status overview of all materials in different levels:
Lot/ subproject/ phase
Production batch
Production batch overview

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