Steel Cost Estimation software for steel constructions

Cost Estimation software for steel estimation of constructions

The ConstruSteel solution Cost Estimation is used for cost estimations of steel structures, aluminum structures, roof and wall cladding, etc. This steel fabrication estimating software is much more advanced compared to a steel beam calculator or construction calculator. All the details of construction and cladding such as: materials, hours, stock, etc. can be entered quickly and very detailed creating an instant quotation of the structure. With ConstruSteel’ s Cost Estimation it is possible to import 3D projects from CAD / BIM systems such as Tekla Structures. Steel fabrication estimating in Excel or other steel estimating spreadsheets are no longer needed, but still steel estimations can be imported into ConstruSteel.

Use Cost Estimation as stand-alone or as part of ERP Package

The specific Cost Estimation solution can be used in structural steel companies for one or more steel fabrication estimators as a stand-alone application, but is also included in the ERP Packages. Materials can be imported automatically (manual input is also possible), including advanced shortcuts for structural steel materials and operations. With the steel fabrication estimating software by ConstruSteel every part of a solid cost estimation for a steel construction is included and will save a lot of time for a steel estimator. Cost estimators will discover the ease of how to make a good steel estimation in ConstruSteel.

Specifications of the solution Cost Estimation

– Detailed (open) material database
– Import from 3D CAD / BIM and other software systems
– Article prices (including updates) from several suppliers
– Time / Labor / Operations / Materials including surcharges
– Free fields for screen lay-out
– Automatic calculation of e.g. total weight, square meter
– Simply adjustable pricelists, operations, conservations, discounts
– Automatic generation of quotations with optional offer of alternatives
– Model Based Cost Estimation (including more-less work)

Tekla plug-in

ConstruSteel developed a specialized plug-in that makes it possible to directly import 3D projects from Tekla. All the details of the construction are added and materials, hours, stock, etc. can be entered. Based on this information a quotation can be made by just a few clicks. The plug-in can be downloaded from the Tekla Warehouse. If you want to use the Tekla plug-in, a license of the ConstruSteel Cost Estimation is needed.

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