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Advanced Scribing for Tekla | CNC scribing / layout marking

The Advanced Scribing for Tekla is one of the most interesting plug-ins for the structural steel industry in combination with CNC controlled machines. Advanced Scribing / layout marking for Tekla has proven itself at many steel construction companies. The application is able to generate scribing lines / layout marking on steel profiles and plates. It allows CNC-machines to produce more efficient due to its unique and flexible features. This solution is also compatible with Tekla Project Viewer.

What users say about Advanced Scribing?

” With Advanced Scribing by ConstruSteel we have saved a production time of 30 minutes per tonne! Amazing. ”

” Advanced Scribing for Tekla is more flexible than other scribing solutions and minimizes failure costs. ”

” Higher quality and faster production for both simple and complex assemblies. ”

” ConstruSteel’s Advanced Scribing for Tekla is very user friendly. ”

” The solution is totally worth the money. It pays for itself. ”

” Advanced Scribing by ConstruSteel paid itself back after production of 700 tonnes. Now this solution is making money every tonne. “

Video – Advanced Scribing for Tekla

  • Generate layout marking
  • Easily select types of scribing
  • Flexible output selection
  • Never scribe more then needed
  • No manual scribing means less failure costs

Optimized contour shapes for Scribing

The Advanced Scribing for Tekla has a lot of useful functionalities like scribing full or partial contours and even “pop-marks” to indicate the position of the parts that have to be welded. Steel fabrication companies describe it as a NC marking lines optimizer. Additional information such as the ‘item number’ and even the relevant ‘mark number’ can be scribed. Optionally, it is possible to indicate what type of scribing has to be used for different profiles. This way it is possible to scribe all steel I-profiles with a full contour and all steel U-profiles with a pop-mark. In this way you can optimize marking lines or scribing lines.

For connected parts at the position of “center of a hole” it is, next to the full contour and partial contour, also possible to place center points or pop marks. Material deviations are thus excluded for the measurements.

Minimal production time by using scribing

A punching and shearing system or a drilling and sawing system is able to easily place a ‘pop-mark’ on a steel profile with the drilling tip or punch. Also plate processing systems with a cutting and drilling unit can easily place these pop-marks. The production output will increase and the machine downtime is reduced to a minimum because changing tools is not necessary. All scribing is done fully automatically (DSTV-files), so failure costs are also reduced to a minimum because information is transported 1-on-1.

Scribing information from Advanced Scribing for Tekla can be send to all scribing machines, for example Kaltenbach, Ficep, Voortman, Daito, Behringer and Peddinghaus.

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