Van Ee Staalspecialisten

Van Ee Staalspecialisten had been a leader in steel for more than 40 years. With the ‘Total Steel’ concept, the company uses broad expertise for the most diverse projects. To manage projects, the steel manufacturer from Barneveld uses ConstruSteel. Van Ee Staalspecialisten continues to innovate and improve by optimizing processes, together with ConstruSteel consultants.

The consultants and software help us to optimize the steel building process.

Van Ee Staalspecialisten - Barneveld (NLD)

Van Ee Staalspecialisten continues to improve

Van Ee Staalspecialisten has been using the ConstruSteel software for years. The company wants to continue to improve and has asked ConstruSteel to think about their optimal process. Bas van Ee (Director Van Ee Staalspecialisten) explains: “Our processes are goood, but you have to continue to improve. It is never finished. The target is a perfect connection of the entire process to ICT, resulting in fewer failure costs, faster production and quality assurance. That is why we constantly look at our processes with ConstruSteel. Due to their focus on steel construction, we are taking great steps.”

Efficiency is essential for the steel manufacturer from Barneveld, especially in the competitive steel construction market. By linking the practical experience of the ConstruSteel business consultants to the vision of Van Ee Staalspecialisten, the optimal process is worked out pragmatically.

Business consultancy ConstruSteel

Van Ee Staalspecialisten has called on ConstruSteel to ensure that the processes works optimally with the automation. The advantage of the discussion is that the ‘new reality’ is devised by employees themselves. “Once we have mapped everything, we put it on paper and ConstruSteel can work,” laughs Van Ee. “Establishing the method is one, implementing it is two. This is a challenge in every organization, but that is fine because of the joint approach with ConstruSteel. It is noticeable that ConstruSteel is a professional organization with a lot of experience in steel construction.”

Process leading to good results

Van Ee: “Despite the many projects, I want to improve right now, instead to empty the ocean with a thimble. Because, when do you have time for this? Yes, this type of process improvement costs time, energy and adjustment, but the result is more important. This is how we want to stay ahead of the competition.

Van Ee Staalspecialisten wants to improve step-by-step through the entire organization. The ConstruSteel business consultants set’s up the system according to the process, the wishes and the vision of Van Ee Staalspecialisten. There is close collaboration with all departments involved to pursue an optimal process. “When we are done with this improvement process, we move on to the next. Here too, together with ConstruSteel, we are taking the next step towards an optimal process. Because more money is earned if the failure costs become less. It’s that simple! “, Concludes Van Ee.

Van Ee Staalspecialisten

Van Ee has been a leader in steel for 40 years. Total steel, that’s their story. About the broad expertise, thinking in possibilities and to make and install constructions. Van Ee Staalspecialisten is characterized by the smooth cooperation with architects and contractors. The company is specialized in stairs, balustrades, bridges, artwork and specials in steel and the co-creation with designers and builders. This can be seen in the reference projects that they refer to with pride.

Company details

Deventerweg 5
3771 NP Barneveld
Telefoon: +31 (0)342 – 493 555

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