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At the end of 2017 Van der Put Staalconstructies & Plaatwerk made the choice for ConstruSteel. A solution for steel fabrication was needed for managing the company with usable data for material and labor. By monitoring and analyzing processes within ConstruSteel, Van der Put Staalconstructions & Plaatwerk guarantees the EN-1090 requirements for execution class 3. This is a must for the ambitious steel builder from Zevenbergen, where quality is the key word.

With ConstruSteel we can manage with the right information. Material and labor is always traceable.

Van der Put - Zevenbergen (NLD)

It starts with vision

“Optimal customer service, that’s what we want to achieve every day”, says Richard Dahlhaus (director Van der Put Staalconstructies & Plaatwerk). In 2017 the company made a turn-around from metalworking to the specialization in steel constructions and sheet metal.

Van der Put Staalconstructies & Plaatwerk wants to become the most modern company in the Netherlands within the steel construction industry and to lead the way in automation. That includes the right software. Dahlhaus: “Because of our new vision and choice for making steel constructions, we have made the switch to ConstruSteel. The previous package we used was more focused on metalworking and in our view it does not fit in well with the practice of steel construction. ConstruSteel is a real steel building package. Thanks to our new way of working and the match with ConstruSteel, we have been able to implement many improvements in our process and operations.”

Implementation of the new method

One of the main reasons for ConstruSteel’s choice is to steer with the right information. Van der Put Staalconstructies & Plaatwerk commissioned a new building in 2017. The production process has been redesigned and all steps have been set up in accordance with the wishes of the company and the functionalities of ConstruSteel. This ensures an efficient workflow.

Dahlhaus says: “We are not there yet, because we want to automate and digitize everything. I understand that this takes time, we are working on a huge transition internally. Nevertheless, I am very pleased with the developments that we are seeing and the possibilities that I see within the package. I am most proud of all employees, they quickly pick up all changes. Good project management from ConstruSteel certainly contributes to this.”

Managing business with the right info

Recently, the company has been certified for execution class 3. Traceability of material and labor is essential in this. Van der Put Staalconstructies & Plaatwerk works to secure this with scanners and mobile apps. These scan the labels on the material or the brand so that all data comes in ConstruSteel, from incoming material deliveries to transport to construction site or conservator. “In this way, it is clear to all employees involved what the progress is in the production of a brand, where the materials are located and how much time a certain machining operation or human action has cost. With that information you can steer in a targeted manner and ultimately also make your pre- and post-calculation much more specific, “says Dahlhaus.

Solutions based on steel fabrication practice

Van der Put Staalconstructies & Plaatwerk is positive about the progress of the implementation and the supervision of ConstruSteel. “ConstruSteel is a professional party. The implementation was perfectly supervised by the consultant and the contact is pleasant. The helpdesk is also top-notch, we can always email or call them and get a quick answer to our questions “, concludes a satisfied Dahlhaus.

Van der Put Staalconstructies & Plaatwerk

As of 2017 Van der Put Staalconstructies & Plaatwerk is based in its new location in Zevenbergen. Van der Put specializes in engineering, producing, conserving and assembling steel constructions and supplying sheet metal to the construction industry. With 25 employees different constructions are made and sheet metal operations are carried out in a production area of ​​more than 3,000 m2. The company is certified to execution class 3.

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Van der Put Staalconstructies & Plaatwerk
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