Staalbouw Twente

Staalbouw Twente has been using the ConstruSteel software solutions since 2013. Where everything was done by hand before that time, nowadays ConstruSteel is the guideline for the company. The integration with Tekla Structures gives Staalbouw Twente more possibilities in the steel construction process.

Project management and invoicing 10 times faster with ConstruSteel.

Mathijs Ottenschot (Director) - Staalbouw Twente

Renewing the working method

‘You must keep developing, even when it comes to processes. That was pretty scary at first’, says Mathijs Ottenschot, Director at Staalbouw Twente. ‘For example, I wasn’t fan of numbers and references for all different projects and administration. Just keep a folder, write down the project and for whom. Before ConstruSteel, I thought I had everything under control. But we got more and more projects, so there was no time to keep everything up manually. Now I never want to go back!’

Specialised software for steel fabrication

Looking around for a software solution was not necessary for Ottenschot: ‘Another local steel builder is enthusiastic about ConstruSteel and recommends it as the right software for steel fabricators. Why reinventing the wheel? After a demo we were convinced and purchased the software.’

After choosing ConstruSteel, the BIM software Tekla Structures was also purchased. The integration of ConstruSteel with Tekla gives the company even more time savings.

ConstruSteel ensures that we can work faster

ConstruSteel is mainly used for job preparation at Staalbouw Twente. Where project administration was previously spread over folders, paperwork on different desks and hour receipts that were everywhere in the company, we now work in one digital system. In this way, everything is immediately clear, there are less mistakes and nothing is lost. Ottenschot: ‘By using ConstruSteel, this work is 10 times faster then before. ConstruSteel makes the difference.’

Many possibilities and excellent service

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, ConstruSteel is seen as a guide for the company. ‘ConstruSteel is able to do over 10,000 things, we certainly do not use it all’, laughs Ottenschot. ‘We use what we need in our current process and that works for us. ConstruSteel is a professional company with state of the art software solutions. I am full of praise for ConstruSteel and recommend it for 100%.’



Staalbouw Twente
Staalbouw Twente in Delden specialises in designing, supplying and assembling steelworks for residential and non-residential buildings. The company is characterized by a no-nonsense mentality, professional knowledge and professionals with which they guarantee quality and short delivery times. In the workshop, constructions for business halls, office buildings, homes, machines, stairs, fences and platforms are made.

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