Lecor Stålteknik AB

Lecor Stålteknik AB (founded in 1965) has been a loyal customer of ConstruSteel for many years. The Swedish steel fabricator researched the market for suitable software solutions and has chosen ConstruSteel as the most complete software solution for steel fabrication. Nowadays, Lecor can’t imagine a day without ConstruSteel. Because the software is used by all departments of the organization, significant savings on time and substantial reductions in failure costs have been achieved.

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Lecor Stålteknik AB - Kungälv (SWE)

Quality, reliability and flexibility

Lecor is one of the leading steel fabrication companies in Sweden. The company builds bridges, industrial and offshore constructions, buildings and stadiums. It is no coincidence that the Swedish steel fabricator won the Steel Construction Prize. The organization strives for high quality, reliable products and flexibility of its services. They expect nothing less from their software provider ConstruSteel. Lecor explains: “For years, Lecor has been using various solutions from ConstruSteel for both technical and administrative processes to full satisfaction. From estimation and job preparation to project management and financial reporting.”

The software helps the organization

In the search for the most suitable software solution, Lecor chose ConstruSteel ERP software from the Netherlands. Lecor: “There is no such complete software solution for steel fabrication around the world as ConstruSteel. The smart software works very efficiently, so we can save a lot of time in the sales process and during project management. It’s very clear the ConstruSteel software solutions are developed from the practice of a steel fabricator.” The link between the CAD software, the ability to interconnect with all types of machines and to control technical parameters of CNC machines makes ConstruSteel unique for Lecor. ConstruSteel is therefore seen as the most important tool within the organization.

Saving on time and a reduction of failure costs

The software solution has been developed from industry experience and helps to make the processes within steel fabrication companies more efficient and achieve complete visibility of current, future and past projects. “ConstruSteel gives us insight into the sales process, project management and production progress, which means we save considerably on unnecessary working hours and minimize failure costs. With the ConstruSteel software, Lecor is able to deliver projects in time and to scale up when necessary. The purchase of the total software package has earned back itself within 16 months if we look at how many hours we save these days”, says Lecor. “Time we now use to provide extra service for our customers.”

ConstruSteel the perfect partner for Lecor

Lecor has been using the software and service of ConstruSteel for years: “ConstruSteel is our partner for automation. Support is quickly and expertly picked up so that we can implement our wishes and settings of the system directly with a consultant. The efficient operation of the software depends on the correct use. After the implementation, together with ConstruSteel we have set up a training program within our organization. We have experienced that this is of great importance and we now benefit from it every day. We advise steel fabricators all over the world to discover the possibilities of the ConstruSteel software for more efficiency.”


Lecor Stålteknik AB
Lecor Stålteknik AB (Kungälv, Sweden) is a leading Swedish steel fabricator and builds bridges, industrial and offshore constructions, buildings and stadiums. The organization was founded in 1965, employs 45 people and has a modern, functional and automated production line.

Company details
Lecor Stålteknik AB
Växelgatan 1
442 40 KUNGÄLV

Telephone: +46 (0) 303-24 66 70

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