Advanced Steel Fabrications

Advanced Steel Fabrications (ASF) is one of the first users of the ConstruSteel MRP solutions in Australia. Today ASF is a satisfied customer for many years. ConstruSteel provides the total solution for the needs of the Australian steel fabricator and is chosen for its uncomplicated and tailored usability. Despite of the ConstruSteel head office being on the other side of the world, ASF have always been confident in ConstruSteel for supplying and developing the best software and best service for steel fabrication companies worldwide.

We achieve significant time savings with machine control.

Leno Zanardo (Director) - Advanced Steel Fabrications

The need for steel fabrication software

CNC saw - ConstruSteelAdvanced Steel Fabrications (ASF) was founded in 1988 and since then, it has grown into a group of companies with business interests within construction, steel processing and steel fabrication industries. “During the development of the organization we were looking for software that would use information from our drafting software to give us information for materials procurement, optimization and fabrication of the structural steel project”, explains ASF director Mr. Leno Zanardo. After comparing several of the leading software solutions, ConstruSteel was rated as the best and most powerfull solution.

MRP and MIS functionality

ConstruSteel is used throughout ASF’s primary (MRP) and secondary (MIS) processes, for e.g. materials procurement, data nesting for CNC machinery and production. Mr. Zanardo clarifies: “In our opinion, it has streamlined our processes so we can spend more time on the actual construction of the project.” For ASF, the most unique about the software is the easy nesting of materials. “Having multiple beamlines in place gives us a huge time saving through materials processing. We also have the ability to uptake more technology, which enabled us to speed up processing, fabrication and construction times.”


Mr. Zanardo is very happy with all the benefits of the ConstruSteel solutions and all specific technical functionalities: “ConstruSteel has helped our overall profitability. We can easily track variations and changes to the project and have that data instantly to submit cost variation claims. The overall time saving in some areas were vast. Our programming time for our CNC machinery is halved and tracking job costings are at a glance, where previously it took several hours to collate the information. Thanks to ConstruSteel we achieved an overall saving of administration of around 15%!”

ConstruSteel guiding steel fabrication

From the beginning, ASF experienced ConstruSteel’s customer service as exceptional. Mr. Zanardo explains: “Being on the other side of the world had only a minor impact on the time taken to response and the specialists are always very professional and prompt. On the initial install, the technicians  where very knowledgeable and communicated very well with our staff.” The software is the guiding line within the company’s processes and management. “ConstruSteel is used every working hour of our day and is used on all our projects. We would be lost without it today,” concludes Mr. Zanardo.


Advanced Steel Fabrications (Australia)

Advanced Steel Fabrications (ASF) is founded in 1988 and since then, it has grown into a group of companies with business interests within steel processing, steel fabrication and the construction industry. The company produces pre-engineered buildings, architectural steelwork, conveyors, bridges and power transmission towers. ASF is one of the largest contract structural steel processors in Australia. The steel fabricator is active in multiple markets as public infrastructure (e.g. railway stations, sports stadia, airport terminals, car parks), general steel and metal fabrication, industrial buildings and plants, multi-level commercial buildings (e.g. shopping centers, hospitals, apartments, commercial offices), residential & schools and mining. Services: design, detailing, construction and erection.

Company details

Advanced Steel Fabrications
31-63 Kapara Rd
Gillman | SA 5013

Telephone: +(08) 8447 7100

Steel fabrication automation flow - ConstruSteel

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