Privacy statement

Privacy statement

On this website you will be provided with information about the business activities and services of ConstruSteel BV. By visiting this website you declare your agreement with the applicable conditions. The term ‘website’ refers to the ConstruSteel website. Furthermore, the Terms and Conditions of ConstruSteel apply.


Information and data on this website is intended for information purposes and may change without further notice. ConstruSteel has taken careful care in compiling and maintaining the website and using sources that are considered reliable. However, ConstruSteel does not guarantee all given information is always correct or complete. ConstruSteel does not accept any obligation to update the information provided or to correct possible errors. ConstruSteel explicitly rejects any liability. You can not derive any rights from the information provided. ConstruSteel does not guarantee that the website functions without error or interruption. The above also applies to all hyperlinks and references.

Hyperlinks and references

The ConstruSteel website provides, whether or not through hyperlinks, to information provided by third parties. Such information is not further assessed ConstruSteel reasonableness, accuracy, completeness or timeliness. ConstruSteel explicitly reject any liability. The information is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. When you use the information without verification or further advice, you do so on own account and risk. ConstruSteel reserves all rights on the information presente don the website (including texts, graphics and logos). You get no form of license with respect to such information, except as strictly necessary for online viewing the website.


In particular, it is not permitted to copy, multiply or make available in any way whatsoever to any third party the content of the website without further explicit written permission from ConstruSteel. The exclusions and limitations of liability also apply in favor of directors and employees of ConstruSteel and its suppliers. ConstruSteel reserves all rights with regard to information presented on the website (including texts, graphic material and logos). Visitor does not obtain any form of license with regard to that information, except to the extent strictly necessary for viewing the website.

Visitor behavior

On the website, visitor data and visitor behavior are tracked and analysed, without identifying the visitors. The purpose of this is to optimise the layout of the website and information provision. In this way ConstruSteel can further optimise its information provision and service to visitors. Use is made here of Cookies and IP address. IP addresses are not linked to identifiable information unless explicit permission is given.


Personal information concerning the visitor will be provided to ConstruSteel via cookies and/or forms. This may be the following personal data: name and address, email, gender, function, telephone number, IP address, MAC addresses and cookies. The processing is based on the permission of the visitor. Personal data is secured with appropriate technical and organisational measures and available for ConstruSteel after permission. ConstruSteel only uses data that is necessary for optimal service provision / information provision and is removed if it is no longer seen as required. The information provided by the visitor will only be provided to third parties if permission has been given by the person concerned. The visitor has the right to request ConstruSteel to inspect and rectify or erase personal data or to limit the processing concerning him, as well as the right to object to the processing and the right to data portability. If the processing is based on the visitor’s permission, the visitor has the right to withdraw his permission at any time. The visitor also has the right to submit a complaint to ConstruSteel via or to the supervisory authority. If ConstruSteel incurs costs to meet these rights, it may charge these costs to the narrative party.

This Privacy Statement applies without prejudice to the provisions in the law. This Privacy Statement was developed by ConstruSteel and can be changed by it at any time. In all cases not provided for in this Privacy Statement, ConstruSteel decides. If there is a data breach, ConstruSteel B.V. will inform the person (s) as soon as possible.


The website has been made accessible to the most common browsers. If you still experience problems viewing this website, please let us know. ConstruSteel strives for optimal use for the visitor of the website.

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