ERP Advanced

The Solution Package – ERP Advanced is the perfect software solution for the fabricator looking to take total control of their production and administration including full track and trace functionality.

Combining both the ConstruSteel MRP and MIS system results in the most complete software solution for steel fabrication in the world. Primary and secondary processes within the steel construction company are provided and stored in one solution for every employee. From production and fabrication processes for steel structures to project, hour and other business administration processes. Because all employees use ConstruSteel for their daily work, all data is linked. This means better internal communication and information being available at any time.

Cost Estimation

The ConstruSteel solution Cost Estimation is used for cost estimations of steel structures, aluminum structures, roof and wall cladding, etc.

Quotation Management

With the ConstruSteel solution Quotation Management, steel fabrication companies can generate quotations for steel structures very easily.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

ConstruSteel's CRM enables you to nurture the relationship with a customer or prospect to improve sales or sustain long-term profitability.

Job Preparation

Manage the key production processes, from purchasing through to bar nesting, creating parts or work shop lists, production planning and job routing.

Basic Bar Nesting

Basic Bar Nesting or Straight Bar Nesting can be done within the ConstruSteel software with just a few clicks. For this purpose it is possible to define one type of machine with all the parameters necessary to do a proper bar nesting of beams and other length material.


Price requests and purchase orders can be created with this purchasing software solution as soon as the material requirement is clear.

List Generator

ConstruSteel gives steel fabrication companies the possibility to provide custom made lists to fit in in their own perfect fabrication process.

3D CAD Import

Besides the Tekla integration, ConstruSteel can import 3D models from any CAD program (like Advance Steel or Bocad) using DSTV data.

Drawing Viewer

This solution shows specific information in a 2D drawing and is used to check on measurements and gain insight from your assembly data.

IFC Viewer

The ConstruSteel IFC Viewer software solution generates information to show information in a 3D visualisation.

DSTV Viewer + Editor

With the ConstruSteel DSTV Viewer & Editor you can check DSTV files visually and make necessary changes.

Direct Orders

Instead of starting a new project in your administration for each order, this solution is giving your company extra flexibility for quick delivery of steel materials or small steel products.


In the Calendar software solution each user can easily see what actions and activities are planned for him or her.

Document Generator & Editor

Lots of documents that are often used in your steel fabrication company can be stored as a template in ConstruSteel’s Document Generator & Editor software solution.

Project Management

The Project Management solution is the digital project folder in which all technical and financial project data can be stored and managed.

Stock Control

To extend the efficiency of the production preparation in the structural steel industry it is very important to have a proper stock management.

Advanced Bar Nesting

With this skew bar nesting / angular bar nesting functionality both the material waste percentage can be reduced as well as the setup time of the sawing machine can be minimized.


Manage incoming and outgoing shipments with all aspects of transportation and materials.

HRM – Human Resource Management

In this solution you will be able to manage your Human Resources and check productive hours, working times, sick days, days off balance, etc.

CE Marking

Based on the EN-1090 ConstruSteel consists functionalities that allows users to manage data for CE Marking.

Project Administration

In Project Administration you can register the hours spentby entering the data manually or automated using several ways of time registration ConstruSteel offers.

Budget Control

With Budget Control you can compare estimated and realized budgets and manage invoices and orders on phase or project.

Project Planning

With the project planning tools of ConstruSteel all projects can be planned in a flexible way with a clear overview.

Track & Trace | Material

The Track & Trace option will help to gain full control over the material flow from the moment of purchasing to the final assembly and erection of the construction on the building site.

Track & Trace | Labor

The Track & Trace option will help to gain full control over the labor flow from the very start of the fabrication process to the final assembly and erection of the construction on the building site.

DSTV+ Post Processor

With the DSTV+ Post Processor you are be able to control your machinery directly from the Job Preparation solution.

Quality & Progress Management

With this solution workshop employees can register a status for each assembly (for example finished) for assembly fabrication progress and quality control.

Barcode Registration

With ConstruSteel it is possible to register hours accurate and fast (manually or automatically by means of the Time Registration solution, bar codes, RFID’s).

Financial Workflow

Showing production and financial information in a clear way is key in the solution Financial Workflow. The solution makes it possible to make comparisons by using charts.

Production Control Management

ConstruSteel’s Production Control Management is used to monitor the entire production progress of all parts and assemblies.

Tekla Plug-in: Cost Estimation

The selected parts of the Tekla model (or the whole model) form the basis for further processing a cost estimation in the solution Cost Estimation.

Tekla Plug-in: Job Preparation

Easily bar nest parts, 2D-edit of parts (combined DSTV viewer and editor), create parts list, work shop lists, material requests and orders from the Tekla model.

Tekla 4D Project Progress Viewer

In the Tekla 3D model, every steel part appears in the color of the status set in the ConstruSteel software, so that the progress of the project becomes very visual and easy to follow.

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