Webinar Track & Trace / CE Marking (EN-1090)

This webinar offers you insight into the functionalities and possibilities of ConstruSteel for your organization. During the webinar we show you different workflows and there is the possibility to ask questions to ConstruSteel specialists.

Webinar Track & Trace / CE Marking (EN-1090) with ConstruSteel

ConstruSteel organizes a webinar about the innovative Track & Trace functionality on Thursday September, 12 – 2019. This solution offers clear insights about status and progress of both material and labor.

The Track & Trace | Material option will help to gain full control over the material flow from the moment of purchasing to the final assembly and erection of the construction on the building site, or eventually to the life cycle management of the building. Track & Trace | Labor will give insights about status and responsible employee of labor on a project, phase or assembly level. Also all necessary steps and documentation for the CE Marking / EN-1090 is secured within ConstruSteel.

How? Discover the power and ease of ConstruSteel Track & Trace in the Webinar Track & Trace / CE. Sign up today.

How our webinar works?

A webinar is a short live presentation or demonstration that takes place via the internet. During the free webinars of ConstruSteel we show you several possibilities of the software and how your organization can benefit. The duration of the webinars is approximately 15-30 minutes. You can easily participate on any PC (for example from your own workplace) and it is also possible to ask questions to ConstruSteel specialists via a chat. After registration you will receive a confirmation and a link to participate in the webinar.

Webinar Track & Trace / CE Marking (EN-1090)
Thursday, 12 September 2019 | 11.00h AM CEST

The webinar doesn’t fit your schedule? Sign up anyway. We will email you a link to the recorded webinar afterward for you to peruse at your convenience. Also, feel free to share this event with your coworkers and manager! See you Thursday, September, 12 – 2019 at 11.00h AM CEST.