Webinar Machine Control
October, 2 – 2019 | 11.00h AM CEST

This webinar offers you insight into the functionalities and possibilities of ConstruSteel for your organization. During the webinar we show you different workflows and there is the possibility to ask questions to ConstruSteel specialists.

Webinar Machine Control with ConstruSteel

ConstruSteel uses standard file formats for integrating with all machine suppliers. Like the DSTV+ format is used for nested bars, other formats e.g. for scribing or welding, can be used for fabrication of assemblies. ConstruSteel has an open interface for all machine suppliers. Fabrication information can be send to all machines like Voortman, Kaltenbach, Ficep or Peddinghaus.

To be able to forecast problematic items in production and assembling and to take the necessary preventions to avoid them, the ConstruSteel system is able to define the parameters of production machines. ConstruSteel will provide you for example the possibility to define a list of default solutions for all kind of machine related production problems.

How our webinar works?

A webinar is a short live presentation or demonstration that takes place via the internet. During the free webinars of ConstruSteel we show you several possibilities of the software and how your organization can benefit. The duration of the webinars is approximately 15-30 minutes. You can easily participate on any PC (for example from your own workplace) and it is also possible to ask questions to ConstruSteel specialists via a chat. After registration you will receive a confirmation and a link to participate in the webinar.

Webinar Machine Control
Wednesday, October, 2 – 2019 | 11.00h AM CEST

The webinar doesn’t fit your schedule? Sign up anyway. We will email you a link to the recorded webinar afterward for you to peruse at your convenience. Also, feel free to share this event with your coworkers and manager! See you Wednesday, October, 2 – 2019 at 11.00 AM CEST.