User story steel fabricator:
Hanse Staalbouw

Steel fabrication company Hanse Staalbouw has been active in the steel construction industry for over 100 years. In 2008 the company made the choice to execute every step of steel fabrication under its own management: design, engineering, production and assembly. ConstruSteel is used to optimise material and produce as efficient as possible. Hanse Staalbouw chose ConstruSteel because of its powerful and advanced solutions for job preparation and profile marking (Advanced Scribing).

Since the company was founded in 1907, Hanse Staalbouw has developed from cartwright and blacksmith into a leading steel construction company. The organisation employs about 150 people. “For us it was necessary to find good software to control our new marking, drilling and sawing machine,” said director Marlinde Eichler. Together with job preparator Michael Commandeur, she made the choice for ConstruSteel. “Before ConstruSteel, we used other solutions. But, just like other software providers, no solution provides such an advanced link with machines as ConstruSteel does. We are happy with our choice for ConstruSteel every day.”

Job preparation with ConstruSteel

The director and job preparator form a good team in organising the production of Hanse Staalbouw. Where, previously, things like purchasing were done manually, the steel fabricator from Nieuwerkerk is increasing efficiency by automation. Commandeur explains: “I mainly use ConstruSteel for job preparation. With the software I can easily and clearly optimise all the required material and send a price request or order the material immediately. In ConstruSteel, a purchase order is automatically generated in the layout of our company and typos are ancient history.”

Commandeur experiences a major advantage of ConstruSteel in purchasing steel at an earlier stage than the company was used to. “I can already optimise and order my material with provisional DSTVs. This results in an efficient planning between engineering and production. Furthermore, we optimise with minimum lengths of material, so we have little or no material waste,” states a satisfied Commandeur. “The role of the job preparation & purchasing department has become even more important within our organisation. Because ConstruSteel continues to develop and innovate their software, the role of job preparation will develop in the future.”

Perfect connection with machines

Hanse Staalbouw optimises the required profiles for all projects. After purchasing, the material can go directly into the workshop. There, the preset machine is ready to run production. In addition to the drilling and cutting (sawing) information, the layout marking information (which is added by ConstruSteel with Advanced Scribing for Tekla) is also applied to the profiles. Eichler says: “ConstruSteel communicates perfectly with our machines. ConstruSteel distinguishes itself from other suppliers in this expertise. The settings of the machines are recognised by the ConstruSteel software, so we can get the best out of our machines. This increases the efficiency of our fabrication process.”

Professional partner for every steel fabricator

Hanse Staalbouw experiences the collaboration with ConstruSteel as very positive: “ConstruSteel is familiar with the steel construction industry and processes. They understand the business. For all problems or questions ConstruSteel is looking for a solution. I would describe ConstruSteel as a professional partner for every steel fabricator,” concludes Eichler.


Hanse Staalbouw

Since the founding of the firm Hanse in 1907, Hanse Staalbouw has evolved from cartwright and blacksmith to a leading steel construction business. In 2008 Hanse Staalbouw focusses on being a main contractor, developing everything in-house: engineering, production, preservation and cladding. The employees of Hanse Staalbouw (about 150 employees) are widely known for their craftsmanship. They are loyal, which radiates out to the customer.

Company info
De Weel 13
4306 NV Nieuwerkerk
Phone: +31 (0)111 641 333