User story steel fabricator De Groot

Steel fabricator Constructiebedrijf De Groot has been using the ConstruSteel BTR (Barcode Time Registration) solution for many years. By making use of this solution, a substantial saving on time registration and administration has been realised and the company is working a lot more efficiently.

Why using ConstruStel Time Registration?

With 30 employees in the company – including 18 production staff – there is a lot of administrative work at Constructiebedrijf De Groot in Heemskerk (NLD). This also includes time registration, which was done manually in the past. Hours were kept on paper by production workers and the production manager. After a check by the production manager the hours were passed on to the administration department. The administration department was busy collecting different lists, entering and checking hours and clarify ambiguities. A devious process which resulted in unnecessary mistakes.

Menno Glorie (Director at Constructiebedrijf De Groot) says: “At a certain point in time, we were spending so much time on manual work, double input and clarifying ambiguities. ConstruSteel was actually the only option for us thanks to the unique method of the BTR system. It is simply the best package for any steel fabrication company.”

How Time Registration works for steel fabricator De Groot

Constructiebedrijf De Groot is currently working with 18 barcode scanners. Every barcode scanner is connected to an employee. Temporary workers can also easily be connected to the barcode scanner that they are currently using.

“We actually expected problems when introducing this new system and new way of work, but I’m glad to see the introduction went smoothly and the implementation exceeded expectations. We have phased in the system and emphasised internally on the discipline to use the barcode scanners. Only in the first week it was forgotten sometimes, but now it is just part of the job for everyone. It’s nice to that employees mutually point it out to each other, they learn from each other.”

Menno Glorie is satisfied with the link between ConstruSteel and Tekla Structures: “In Tekla we had to adjust the template for the drawings so that the barcode and project numbers from ConstruSteel are also displayed on the drawings. It took us a one-off set up of one hour, but we realised so much more efficiency now.”

Specific barcodes for machine and employee

Barcodes can be found throughout the company, for example on the Tekla drawings and saw or cutting lists generated from ConstruSteel. A barcode has also been placed on the punching machine, so that the processing time of the machine is scanned. In addition, each employee has an instruction card that contains specific types of hours and operations that can be scanned. This makes it clear for which project an employee has performed certain operations and how long these operations have lasted. This information is essential to keep control within the project and the subsequent calculation.

“Because of this working method, we have no ambiguities, no duplicate data input and we do not need to correct errors,” says Menno Glorie.

Satisfied with the solution

Constructiebedrijf De Groot is working satisfactorily with the ConstruSteel BTR solution. Menno Glorie: “We use our scanner for several years and they work fine. We are careful with the BTR solution because it saves us a lot of time. Every employee is careful with the scanner and no scanner has ever been broken. Near the drilling machine, the beep of the scanner sometimes is not audible, but then we simply check the light on the scanner. Just as easy! ”

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Constructiebedrijf De Groot

Constructiebedrijf De Groot BV (NLD) specialises in the manufacturing of new steel constructions and renovations. They have experience in industrial buildings, industrial halls, swimming pools, sports halls and residential construction. Constructiebedrijf De Groot also produces stairs, platforms, balconies and balcony fences and even works of art. Constructiebedrijf De Groot carries out projects of all sizes. With an average processed volume of 1,500 tons of steel per year, Constructiebedrijf De Groot is one of the medium-sized steel builders in the Netherlands.

Company details

Constructiebedrijf de Groot B.V.
Ambachtsring 34
1969 NH Heemskerk
Tel: 0251-28 78 00