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Seldenthuis Engineering

Seldenthuis Engineering BV is founded in 2009 by Bob Seldenthuis. The company has become an engineering company that offers a complete package for steel processing companies. Seldenthuis Engineering BV makes calculations, provides professional advice and takes care of planning and workshop drawings for: steel structures, artwork, stairs, railings, steel-glass combinations, window frames and facades.

Advanced Scribing for Tekla

The engineering company uses the ConstruSteel Advanced Scribing for Tekla solution since 2014. Thanks to the innovative Advanced Scribing for Tekla from ConstruSteel any Tekla Structures user can simply create the so-called scratch lines and pop-marks automatically by the 3D software package. A bidirectional link between ConstruSteel and Tekla provides the perfect export list with all the necessary information which can be sent to CNC controlled machines subsequently.

Director Bob Seldenthuis about the use of the Advanced Scribing for Tekla solution: “ConstruSteel has tackled an issue for steel construction companies and provides the ideal outcome with the Advanced Scribing for Tekla. It is the only well-developed application and has a perfect integration into Tekla. In addition, it is easy and very simple to use.”

Bob Seldenthuis also indicates that not only his customers benefit from Advanced Scribing for Tekla, but that the company itself also benefits from it: “Because we have this functionality within Tekla we can work for customers who have this requirement. Our customers have the advantage of us as a hired engineering company, we can provide the same things as the customer would do itself. In case a customer has a scribing unit on a machine but no software, we can provide the scribing for them. Generally, complex situations get a faster insight by the use of scribing.”

Future vision

Bob Seldenthuis is positive about the future and has plans to grow to a broad specialized agency for complex steel projects worldwide. “There are large markets open for us and it would be wonderful to be active in these markets. I also hope that ConstruSteel continues developing the Advanced Scribing for Tekla, because the more development there is, the better it gets. There are always new situations in which new ways of scribing or centering are needed.”


Company details
Seldenthuis Engineering BV is an engineering company that provides a complete package for both small and large steel construction projects. Making drawings and static calculations as well as giving advices are spearheads of the company’s core business.

Seldenthuis Engineering BV
Willem Dreeslaan 436 A
2729 NK Zoetermeer (The Netherlands)
Tel: 071 – 8700 312