Steel prices going up: material waste in the workshop must go down

Steel prices continue to rise and there is no sign of recovery yet. The need for efficient use of steel profiles is more important than ever.

As steel profiles become scarce and more expensive all around the world, material waste should be brought to a minimum by steel fabrication companies. Many steel fabrication companies in the world use specialised steel nesting software for an efficient use of steel profiles, bringing material waste to a minimum.

The need to reduce material waste

The increased demand for steel from the automotive sector and the increased raw material prices seem to be the cause of the scarcity and price increase. As a result, suppliers and service centers cannot always fully comply to delivery agreements with steel fabrication and construction companies. Now more than ever, reduction of waste material in the workshop is essential. All around the world, steel fabrication and steel construction companies are looking for ways to reduce material waste for an efficient material use on the shop floor.

Minimal waste with nesting software

Bar nesting - ConstruSteel OnlineTo reduce material waste, an efficient use of own stock material and supplier lengths is needed. With advanced and innovative ConstruSteel nesting software, more efficient use of materials can be achieved by steel fabrication companies. The ConstruSteel software will nest all parts for production in just a few seconds, taking own stock, supplier lengths and machine properties into account.

The material waste percentage will be reduced as well as the setup time of the cutting machine.

More about ConstruSteel nesting software.

Quick and easy bar nesting with 3D part rotation

  • Automated bar nesting
  • Over 90% time saving on nesting material
  • DSTV viewer & editor
  • Optimized material use
  • 3D part rotation

The advanced steel nesting algorithm of ConstruSteel Online reduces material waste and machine set-up time. As a result, steel fabrication companies achieve an efficient use of materials and procurement. Straight and angled / skew cuts will be 3D rotated and nested with eachother to minimise material use. 

All necessary machine properties to set up this process are included in this easy-to-use steel bar nesting software.

Automate your steel fabrication with ConstruSteel.