Scribing on four sides without extra investments

Steel fabrication companies often use the possibility of a CNC controlled drilling system to scribe profiles. It frequently happens that a steel profile has to be marked on all four sides for the purpose of further fabrication processes and eventually erection at the building site. The problem however, is that drilling systems normally utilize either a rotatable drilling unit or three separate drilling units, so scribing on the underside of a profile is a bottleneck. An expensive investment in an additional scribing unit or even a separate special scribing system is often required. There is a choice to flip a profile when it is processed, but do this the DSTV files have to be mirrored.

ConstruSteel have recently experienced this need several times because some machine suppliers are not able to rotate scribing in DSTV files. The DSTV files can be rotated, but the scribing doesn’t always rotate, so it is placed incorrectly on these profiles.

Mirror DSTV files

ConstruSteel has a suitable solution to this problem which is already built into the functionality of our ´DSTV editor´ in the Job Preparation solution. By mirroring the DSTV files in this editor a profile can be turned and fed into the machine again. This way also the other side of the profile is scribed correctly. Often this functionality cannot be modified in the operating system of existing CNC controlled drilling systems.

Advanced Scribing for Tekla

To export the scribing information from Tekla Structures to the ConstruSteel software the in-house developed Advanced Scribing for Tekla solution is used, which is able to place scribing lines or pop marks (centre points) automatically. Advanced Scribing for Tekla is a recent development of ConstruSteel which reduces production times significantly and offers many more options than other similar functionalities. That is why we call it “Scribing 2.0″.

Free demonstration

Are you interested in a free demonstration of our software solutions? Please contact us to make an appointment that aligns with your agenda. The Advanced Scribing for Tekla can be downloaded from the Tekla Warehouse.

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