Quick and easy assembling at AC Metal Fabricating

AC Metal Fabricating uses the innovative ConstruSteel Advanced Scribing for Tekla since 2016. The company needed a solution to add ‘scratch lines’ and ‘pop-marks’ automatically to the Tekla Structures model. The unique bidirectional link between ConstruSteel and Tekla provides the perfect export list with all the necessary information which can be sent to CNC controlled machines subsequently. Therefore, this solution makes the production process more efficient.

Advanced Scribing for Tekla for more efficiency

“The investment of the ConstruSteel Advanced Scribing for Tekla is totally worth the money”, says Rino Tedesco (Director of Operations – AC Metal Fabricating). After comparing the Advanced Scribing for Tekla with other layout marking solutions, Tedesco was convinced: “Compared to other marking solutions the Advanced Scribing for Tekla of ConstruSteel is very user friendly and adaptable. Also the customer service offered by ConstruSteel to help us develop the solution to our needs was a great benefit. Straight forward and to the point. Just like we want it.“

Use of the ConstruSteel Advanced Scribing for Tekla

Generally, complex situations get a faster insight by the use of scribing. AC Metal Fabricating used the Advanced Scribing for Tekla in the production process for the Windsor Aquatic Centre. Tedesco: “The biggest advantages using the solution are the various options offered in scribing profile shapes and the customization made available for scribe line lengths.”

Image: Advanced Scribing for Tekla used for the Windsor Aquatic Centre (Canada)

Company details

AC Metal Fabricating (founded in 1985) is a Windsor based structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication and erecting company with 30 employees. Their services include but are not limited to structural design-build, fabrication and erection of structural and miscellaneous steel and any other customized steel projects. AC Metal Fabricating serve all industries such as commercial, industrial, residential and more. The company is a proud standing member of the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) as well as the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC-ICCA).

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