Nesting steel beams, bars & flat bars

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After a simple BIM import, the bar nesting software in ConstruSteel Online optimizes the material use in just a few seconds, taking own stock, supplier lengths and available machines into account. Due to the powerful and advanced bar nesting algorithm, all the steel beams, bars and flat bars will be nested in the most efficient way to reduce material waste and failure costs quickly and simply. By generating production data within ConstruSteel Online, the nesting results are used as a so called cutlist calculator, or cutting list optimizer, for manual or CNC steel cutting.

Machine parameters for efficient bar nesting

  • Automatic 3D part nesting / rotation in order to minimise the number of cuts and use of material
  • All necessary nesting parameters for straight and angled part cutting
  • Formulas for clamping width calculation
  • Combination of straight and angled / skew cuts (web / flange)

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Quick and easy bar nesting with 3D part rotation

  • Automated bar nesting
  • Over 90% time saving on nesting material
  • DSTV viewer & editor
  • Optimized material use
  • 3D part rotation

The advanced steel nesting algorithm of ConstruSteel reduces material waste and machine set-up time. As a result, steel fabrication companies achieve an efficient use of materials and procurement. Straight and angled / skew cuts will be 3D rotated and nested with eachother to minimise material use. 

All necessary machine properties to set up this process are included in this easy-to-use steel bar nesting software.

Bar nesting for all steel cutting machines

Automate your steel fabrication with ConstruSteel.