Model Based Steel Building event

On Thursday, May 17, the Model Based Steel Building event was organized in the new premises of steel fabricator Van Ee Staalspecialisten. The event was visited by more than 200 visitors who gave great appreciation for the content and organization of the event.

Model Based Steel Building

The theme ‘Model Based Steel Building’  turned out to be a hit and was discussed in three blocks (1. Engineering & Estimation, 2. Production and 3. Progressing). The future of working from the 3D model was explained with presentations, a practical case and a panel discussion. More efficiency will be achieved by completing the cost estimation or job preparation with a few clicks in the 3D model. A future method, which can already be used partly by every steel construction company today.

Production Control Management

Based on the practical case of Van der Put Staalconstructies & Plaatwerk it was shown how usable data with barcode scanners is within ConstruSteel. In this way, it is clear to all employees involved with the project what the progress is in the production of an assembly, where materials are located and how much time a certain machining operation or human action costed. This information can be used to manage more accurate. Eventually all progress of the project will be visible in the 3D model.

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