First signs of recovery after corona outbreak for construction sector

The first signs of recovery after the corona outbreak for the construction sector are noticeable, according to research of Cobouw and USP. In the BouwMonitor survey, positive results are shown in relation to delay or cancellation of construction projects. Despite these first signs of recovery in the Dutch construction sector, the next couple of months will be challenging for construction companies. 

In the BouwMonitor survey, more than 1,400 companies (i.e. construction, architects, etc.) are examined. The results show that order books of construction companies are filled for the next three months. An important sign of slight recovery: the number of contracts and tenders that have been / are affected by the corona virus is steadily decreasing.

Importance of automation

These days, automation and digitization are more important than ever. The Dutch Economic Institute for Construction (EIB) previously stated that the production of constructions is expected to rise again after the corona outbreak period. This level will be 15% higher in comparison to the production of constructions before the crisis. Companies that improve processes by automation and digitization will build up an advantage and can expand this later on. This offers opportunities for many structural steel companies.

Source: Cobouw BouwMonitor
Source: Ontwikkelingen in de bouwsector (EIB)