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ConstruSteel takes measures to prevent the spreading of the new corona virus. Events will be postponed and appointments will only be made online. ConstruSteel – and with it the Customer Care Center – will remain reachable during this period.

The corona virus affects almost the entire world. With a worldwide customer and partner network, ConstruSteel wants to take preventive measures in order to stop the spreading of the new corona virus. Face-to-face contact moments will be converted into online meetings. Also, all appointments and events on location are postponed to a later date or will be done online. Scheduled online appointments, meetings and webinars continue as planned.

ConstruSteel is prepared

ConstruSteel is prepared for this kind of emergencies and can operate flexibly. Our staff can support customers remotely / online. We try to keep the effect on accessibility and quality to a minimum. The developments of the corona virus are closely monitored. For now, these measures will remain in effect until April 6, 2020.

Use ConstruSteel software on remote

It is possible to work with ConstruSteel from other locations, for example at home or on the road. If you want to use ConstruSteel from other locations,  you may need to make the ConstruSteel software available in your company network for working remotely (outside your company network). Secure access to your company network is a priority; your business processes and data simply cannot be endangered and your network will therefore have to be set up by your own network / system administrator. A door will have to be opened for your employees, but in a safe way, so that only your employees have access to your network.

Service is key at ConstruSteel, however we cannot manage your network settings because of the given reasons above. We strongly advise that only your own (external) specialists manage your network and systems.

A demo of our solutions?

Our specialists will be happy to demonstrate the power of our steel fabrication software.

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