ConstruSteel launches version 21

Additional functionalities for CE-marking, feedback from machines (DSTV++), advanced machine feedback from Voortman’s PDE, assigning invoice control to a person, and additional functionalities in the Advanced Scribing for Tekla. This is a selection of the many new functionalities of ConstruSteel version 21. With this version we take the next step in optimising the steel fabrication process.

Our software is continuously being developed and that is the core strength of ConstruSteel ERP & MRP software. We use industry experience and feedback from our customers as the basis for new developments. In this way we respond to the market and we continuously keep creating practical solutions.

This has resulted in ConstruSteel version 21. In this version many new functionalities are available that make your process more efficient, such as:

Feedback machines – DSTV++

It is possible to read DSTV+ feedback files (DSTV++) into ConstruSteel. Here you can indicate whether a batch line must be reported as ready. It is also possible to receive production times and to automatically transfer remaining items to the stock.

Machine feedback from Voortman PDE

If your Voortman machine is installed with the Production Data Exporter (PDE), it is possible to import production times per position number and per nesting (machine feedback). You can also choose to report batches ready and to place the stock on the basis of the production information in the PDE. This functionality is available from the PDE version 2.0.8 and a production database from version 13.

Additional functionalities CE marking

Automatic ‘e-mail catcher’ for material certificates

The e-mail catcher checks all unread e-mails from the specified mailbox on order numbers in the subject and material certificates (PDF only) as an attachment. Found certificates are placed with the right order under the Certificates tab. You no longer have to manually assign certificates to materials.

Automatically processing a welder’s certificate in a welding plan

In the HRM solution, a welding certificate can be entered on the Training tab for an employee. When generating the welding plan from the Project Management solution, the corresponding welding certificate of the selected welder is automatically added to the welding plan.

Optional external welding coordinator

In the HRM solution, an external employee can be indicated as a standard welding coordinator.

Linking certificates automatically to an order

When filling in materials manually with an order, the field ‘Required certificate’ is filled. This is done automatically when optimising the material or when the material is ordered from the solution Job Preparation.

Signature of responsible person for CE marking

The option for showing a signature has been added on the tab Service details in the HRM solution ‘Responsible NEN-EN 1090’. When this option is enabled, it is possible to place a signature. This signature is added to the CE checklist(s) and declaration(s) to be generated.

Advanced Scribing for Tekla: Dowels

A new tab ‘Dowels” has been added. If dowels are modelled in Tekla, they can be provided with a cross mark (+) or a center point for scribing information. For more information about dowels visit the Tekla website.

Other functionalities

Besides the functionalities as mentioned above, there are also new functionalities updated in ConstruSteel version 21 about;
– Project and phase data for saw lists
– Invoice check for selected employees
– Hour check for selected employees
– Flexible loading of transport
– Mobile apps

Version 21 will be delivered to our customers in Q1 of 2018.

If you want to receive more information or receive a demonstration of the ConstruSteel solutions for steel fabrication, please contact us or use the contact button for planning a demonstration for your solution.