ConstruSteel launches version 2020.3

ConstruSteel proudly launches version 2020.3 and provides the next step in optimising the world of steel. This version contains a number of important developments for steel construction and fabrication companies. The improvements and innovations are driven by continuous cooperation with our customers and their feedback. That is what ConstruSteel is all about.

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ConstruSteel customers receive the release notes when this update is rolled out. Below you will find some highlights of the latest version of ConstruSteel.


Improvements in performance and interface have been implemented throughout ConstruSteel. This is to further optimise speed, stability, efficiency and ease of use.


More and more companies are moving to the cloud with applications and software. Due to recent changes it is possible to use ConstruSteel in combination with Office365. Documents can be placed on your shared OneDrive and synchronisation with Exchange Online is also possible. The only condition for this functionality is local installation of Office applications in order to use the ConstruSteel document generator.

Machine Control

It has become even easier to manage machines and production with ConstruSteel. The possibilities of machines are developing. For example, multiple zones of material output. For Voortman machines with multiple output zones, it is now possible to indicate the output zone of material before the start of the production.

The cutting length (if it deviates from the net length) is also sent in the export of the DSTV machine files. The control of the machines will run smoothly.

ConstruSteel App

Various improvements have been made in the ConstruSteel App for ease of use. The information for the purchase order has been expanded. Also the sorting of orders and freights has been improved. During the check of material delivery, it is possible to book deliveries very fast and easy (e.g. by reporting multiple lines as delivered at a location). When loading a truck, it is possible to adjust the sorting order of assemblies and the weight is shown during loading. As a result, the ConstruSteel App perfectly supports daily practice.

Update to version 2020.3

V2020.3 is available and will be released for our clients in the next weeks. Users updating ConstruSteel can contact the Customer Care Center for support.