ConstruSteel launches version 2018.2

ConstruSteel proudly launches version 2018.2 and provides the next step in optimising the world of steel. With the notification of the year in the version number, updates from ConstruSteel can be linked to current developments within the industry.

Not using ConstruSteel yet, but curious about our software solutions? Then plan an online demo. ConstruSteel customers receive the release notes when this update is rolled out. Below you will find some highlights of the latest version of ConstruSteel.

Controlling machines

By default, DSTV+ is already widely used in the market and supported by ConstruSteel. ConstruSteel can also be linked to the most advanced machines on the market. ConstruSteel has improved the machine control and feedback of the most common machines by incorporating more machine data and intelligence. The manual correction is therefore minimised. Functionalities will be available in steps, with the control of Ficep machines (with the SteelProjects PNI format) being added in the first instance.

Track & Trace

To meet the requirements of CE EN-1090 legislation for execution class 3 and 4, Track & Trace is necessary. ConstruSteel supports CE by adding new functionalities. For example, improvements in label printing (through external links with Altec and Zebra) and the possibility to format them according to your own requirements have been implemented.

Creating reports with the Report Builder

Reports are an important part of the ConstruSteel software. In order to personalise and adapt reports to the specific needs of the user, the report functionality has been adjusted. Reports can be formatted or adapted according to personal preferences and templates can be saved. The selection of report fields has been simplified and will be introduced in phases throughout the entire software, starting with part and assembly lists.

Unit Rates

In various branches (including petrochemistry and offshore) use is made of ‘unit rate contracts’ whereby estimations and invoicing are based on unit prices. This functionality will also be added in ConstruSteel. Classifications can be done on the basis of unit rates. In a next release functionalities around unit rates will also be available in project management and invoicing.

Microsoft SQL Server support

ConstruSteel also supports Microsoft SQL Server. Because of the scalability and speed, Microsoft SQL Server is one of the leading databases. Many steel fabrication and construction companies have applications that operate on a Microsoft SQL Server. In addition, SQL Server has excellent support and a lot of knowledge and expertise is available concerning the use and optimisation of SQL Server. Initially we will offer SQL Server for new customers as an option. In a next version, any migration to SQL Server can be supported by ConstruSteel.

Business Intelligence and Qlik

In order to be able to make reliable business decisions, the availability of business data is essential. In ConstruSteel there is much (historical) information that can be used to make the best choices. That is why several views (datasets) have been created in ConstruSteel for linking for example Qlik, Excel, Power BI or other BI (Business Intelligence) applications. This way you can always analyse the data that is essential for your organisation.

Update to version 2018.2

Version 2018.2 will be released for our clients in the next weeks. For the activation of some of the functionalities support by ConstruSteel can be needed. Users updating ConstruSteel can contact the Customer Care Center for support.