ConstruSteel launches steel fabrication software v2019.8

ConstruSteel proudly launches version 2019.8 and provides the next step in optimising the world of steel. This version contains a number of important developments for steel construction and fabrication companies. The improvements and innovations are driven by continuous cooperation with our customers and their feedback and that is what ConstruSteel is all about.

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ConstruSteel customers receive the release notes when this update is rolled out. Below you will find some highlights of the latest version of ConstruSteel.


Performance improvements and new user interface features have been implemented throughout the entire ConstruSteel software. This to further optimise the speed, stability and efficiency. New features are developed within Job Preparation, Machine Control, HRM and Planning.

PNI export for Ficep Machines

To control CNC machines directly from the Job Preparation solution (CAD/CAM) ConstruSteel uses the DSTV+ Post Processor. Most common machines can automatically cut and drill the right position numbers with the DSTV+ Post Processor.

This functionality is now also available for Ficep machines not supporting DSTV+. ConstruSteel has developed a connection to communicate with these Ficep machines using a PNI (Production Nesting Integration) export file.

Online Service Desk

ConstruSteel has been working with a new Online Service Desk. The new online service desk offers insight into current questions, feature requests and issues of ConstruSteel users. The user can check the status and history. In version 2019.8 we have implemented many feature requests of our clients in the software. You can view all developments in the release notes.

Updating to v2019.8

V2019.8 is available and will be released for our clients in the next weeks. Users updating ConstruSteel can contact the Customer Care Center for support.