ConstruSteel changes name ‘ERP’ in steel fabrication software

Although ConstruSteel is an established name within the steel construction industry, the organisation chose for a small change in the subtitle of the company name: ‘ERP software’ is being transformed into ‘steel fabrication software’. According to the company, this change clarifies the positioning of the software and the company. ConstruSteel has been specialising in software for the entire steel construction industry for years and wants to make this clear both nationally and internationally.

ConstruSteel CEO Jos Bonte explains the choice for this subtle change: “In ConstruSteel’s vision, every steel construction company must have access to the most innovative and advanced software in order to achieve significant improvements in efficiency and quality. Regardless of the size of the company. The production-oriented parts of our software can easily be used at (smaller) steel construction companies. ‘Steel fabrication software’ is more suitable for our solutions and vision.”

New subtitle fits the global vision

The Dutch steel fabrication process is worldwide known as one of the most efficient processes for structural steel construction. In recent years, ConstruSteel has promoted the Dutch way of steel fabrication worldwide with its products and services for improving efficiency and quality. “In order to promote a uniform positioning of the ConstruSteel brand worldwide, the choice for the English ‘steel fabrication software’ was quickly made,” said Bonte. “The adjustment is only intended to clearly clarify our core competencies. Furthermore, our customers hardly notice this; our organisation and services remain unchanged”. The company will implement the subtitle adjustment in the coming months.

Software specialist for steel fabricating

Thanks to the new subtitle, ConstruSteel clarifies the focus on developing software for steel construction companies. The specialised functionalities are a major advantage that companies in this sector experience over generic solutions. ConstruSteel has far-reaching ambitions where innovation is key. While ConstruSteel is the market leader in the Netherlands (source: Market research by steel association Bouwen met Staal), the company wants to become the world’s leading software supplier for structural steel companies.

By supporting thousands of employees of construction companies and analysing their processes, the development of the ConstruSteel software continuously grows. All for the purpose of optimising the steel construction process. “Ultimately, less failure costs, more efficiency and improvement of quality are results that every steel constructor achieves with ConstruSteel,” concludes Bonte.