Bar Nesting by ConstruSteel

Bar Nesting can be done within the ConstruSteel software with just a few clicks. With Advanced Bar Nesting by ConstruSteel more efficient use of materials can be achieved by steel fabrication companies and the material waste percentage can be reduced as well as the setup time of the cutting machine. Angles will be rotated and nested to minimize material use and the production times automatically.

All necessary machine parameters to set up this process as accurate as possible are included in this easy to use steel beam nesting software for structural steel companies. For this purpose it is possible to define machines, for example a sawing/cutting machine, with all the parameters necessary to do a proper nesting of beams and other length material. On the import side there are multiple options for Excel/ASCII, Tekla Structures and DSTV/CNC data files.

Machine parameters for efficient beam nesting

  • Automatic rotation of parts in order to minimize number of cuts and material requirement
  • All necessary nesting parameters for skew part cutting
  • Formulas for clamping width calculation
  • Combination of web/ flange skew cuts

Webinar Bar Nesting