Experiencing high level service using ConstruSteel

Each member of the ConstruSteel team is a passionate specialist in his or her field. Our collective experience and specialisms makes us unique and exceptional. Together, we make sure you’re working with the best and most complete software solution for steel fabrication in the world, while experiencing outstanding customer experience and high level of service.

Every day we work hard to optimize steel fabrication processes to achieve more efficiency and reduce failure costs for our clients. We provide our clients with different kinds of service.

ConstruSteel services

  • Customer Support

    The Customer Support team is the first line of support for our clients.

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  • Consultancy

    The Consultancy team is available for all our clients and prospects.

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  • Maintenance

    ConstruSteel will be maintained continuously for best daily practice.

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  • User Events

    ConstruSteel organises several user events to inform users.

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  • Training

    ConstruSteel provides customised training for your company on location.

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Customer Care Center

The Customer Care Center of ConstruSteel is the first line of support for all user questions and issues experienced by our clients. An experienced team of specialists is available by phone every day during the following time slots:

8h30 AM – 12h30 PM (CET)
13h00 PM – 17h00 PM (CET)

Besides these time slots, questions and issues can be send in at any time via e-mail or the online ConstruSteel Service Desk. In the ConstruSteel Service Desk all asked questions, reported issues and desires for development are stored and managed 24/7.


As a ConstruSteel customer, you receive multiple updates annually. Your software will be continuously updated with new releases and service updates for experiencing the best service and best practice. All updates are based on daily experiences of our customers as well as developments within the industry that will become part of today’s or near future’s steel fabrication process. Part of the maintenance contract is the possibility to contact the Customer Care Center unlimited, directly by email or over the phone.

User Events

ConstruSteel organizes several user events to inform users about new features, developments, hints & tips and efficient use of the software. In addition of separate user events ConstruSteel once in a while organize joint events for the steel construction industry. For example, an information event for the industry about ConstruSteel’s vision of Model Based Steel Building.


The consultancy team is available for all our customers and prospects for the installation and implementation of the ConstruSteel software solutions. The specialists of the consultancy department are the second line of support for complicated or extensive questions and issues that can’t be quickly solved by the Customer Care Center. Consultancy for our customers can be done both on location and online.


In the Netherlands, ConstruSteel organizes general training for Cost Estimation & Sales, Job Preparation & Purchasing, Steel Projects Planning and Administration. It’s also possible to book a customized training for your company on location.