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In 2017 Olijve Constructie started with ConstruSteel ERP software to create unity within the steel construction company. After years of working with different software packages and spreadsheets, the choice was made to put all processes and documents into one total software solution: ConstruSteel. This ensures an efficient and insightful process within Olijve Constructie.

ConstruSteel is the tool for management to lead the steel fabrication company.

Olijve Constructie - Oosterwolde (NLD)

From separate software to ConstruSteel ERP

Olijve Constructie in Oosterwolde (Netherlands) is growing. With a production area of 3,000 m2, there is an annual capacity of 6,000 tonnes. However, the development of the company comes with a rapid grow of documents, different software programs and spreadsheets. Time for a change, according to Rudy Olijve (CEO of Olijve Constructie): “Because of all the different processes and sheets there was a lack of overview. I want to have a clear insight into all the matters of my organisation and have therefore started looking for a package that for me is more than a support tool. ConstruSteel offers me and my employee’s insight into e.g. work in progress, production progress and work budgets. It is good to note that all processes and documents are now stored within a single software solution. Everyone can always access the last updated information.”

Organization to a higher level

Rudy Olijve is busy with the business development of his organisation. Because of growth there is a lot of change within the company. Especially now the market is positive, the need for an efficient operation is clear. Olijve: “It comes down to organise your organisation right now. We prepare our company for the coming years. First, investments must be made in the organisation, where software is perhaps the most essential part. This way you prepare your company for the future and keep an efficient steel building process. Always, even when the market someday is going to be less positive. In the end it comes down to a strong competitive position with a good operating result.”

Pragmatic approach

The high level of service of ConstruSteel is an important thing for Olijve Constructie. “During the implementation ConstruSteel takes us by the hand. When the consultant is visiting us, he is always well prepared and he indicates what we need to do or tackle as organisation. There is a pragmatic ‘hands-on mentality’ at ConstruSteel. A good thing, that fits the industry and our company,” says Olijve.

Direct answer to questions

The helpdesk receives all praise from the steel fabricator from Oosterwolde. “All questions are responded to adequately. And that’s how it should be,” concludes Olijve.


Olijve Constructie
Olijve Constructie has been realising heavy, complex and complete steel constructions and structures for over 16 years, but also delivers smaller – often even more complex – construction work. Olijve Constructie is located in Oosterwolde (Netherlands). In the 3,000 m2 production area, they design, manufacture, supply, and install the most diverse steel constructions (up to 1,500 tonnes).

Olijve Constructie
Houtwal 29c
8431 EX Oosterwolde
Telefoon: +31 (0)516 – 71 24 00

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