Prevent double data entry

All data for e.g. a steel project, phase, supplier, order, customer etcetera, have to be entered in the system only once. Be reusing every piece of information in the system, employees of the steel construction company have to fill in the necessary data only once. This results in a significant time saving for employees and reduction of errors that occur in case of manual duplication of information. Unique about the ConstruSteel solution for steel fabrication and steel construction companies is the combination of technical and financial processes in the software.

Complete steel fabrication software

First Time Right principle in ConstruSteel

The business control software of ConstruSteel is designed with the First Time Right principle in mind. The ‘First Time Right’ principle refers to the goal of running through your business process without the need to redo certain steps (because they were not right the first time). You also do not want to do unnecessary extra steps that ideally should not be there.

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