AVEVA Bocad linked with ConstruSteel

AVEVA Bocad provides class-leading productivity in structural steelwork, enabling consistently rapid, high-quality design, fabrication and construction, for on-time, on-budget delivery of a high-quality project. With an unrivalled track record on the most advanced structural design projects, AVEVA Bocad can deliver value as a stand-alone steelwork solution or as part of an integrated AVEVA deployment.

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Bocad data in ConstruSteel

With an import/export link all data from the Bocad model can be imported into ConstruSteel for the use of cost estimations of steel structures, aluminum structures, roof and wall cladding, etc. All the details of construction and cladding such as: materials, assemblies, phases etc. can be entered quickly and very detailed creating an instant estimation and quotation of the structure. Once a quotation will be turned into a project, all data will be transferred and reused to the project in ConstruSteel. That’s what we call efficient operation.

ConstruSteel links with AVEVA Bocad to import 3D model data for cost estimation and quotation.

AVEVA Bocad www.aveva.com

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