Get grip on production and logistics

Deadlines and penalty clauses are very common in the construction industry. As a reliable and competitive steel fabricator you want to have an instant overview on the status of every part of an actual project, at any time. ConstruSteel is the solution you need to run your steel business better and more profitable. ConstruSteel helps you to get a grip on production and logistics.

With ConstruSteel, the management, office, fabrication & onsite teams all work together which results in less wasted time, less wasted materials and a better bottom line. Experience the benefits for your company by using our specialized steel fabrication software solutions.

Complete steel fabrication software

Flawless production process

In order to ensure a flawless process without cost and time consuming interruptions you need a system to help you manage your processes from order and through to delivery. ConstruSteel MRP solutions help you to manage your ongoing projects and define the capabilities of your production department in order for you to manage materials and work in progress and forecast and prepare jobs before they are in production. To be able to forecast problematic items in production and assembling and to take the necessary preventions to avoid them, the ConstruSteel MRP solution is able to define the parameters of production machines.

In-time completion of steel structures is the challenge for every steel fabricator. How to get grip on planning steel fabrication? With the project planning tools of ConstruSteel all projects can be planned in a flexible way with a clear overview. No matter which changes will appear during the process, you are always able to shift or postpone planned activities.

Manage shipments

In ConstruSteel it is possible to manage incoming and outgoing shipments with all aspects of transportation and materials. Trucks can be arranged and efficient truck loads can be generated. By using the Logistics Control App in the Mobile Device Suite outgoing steel shipments can be check by an employee using a simple mobile app. From this app a shipment letter can be generated for the truck driver.

Information at any time

In combination with a free customizable workflow, barcode scanning and workshop terminals the solution of ConstruSteel gives all the control needed for a fluid information flow in and outside the organization.

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