Specialized steel fabrication software

ConstruSteel is an innovative software solution especially developed for steel fabrication and construction companies from practical experience and knowhow of the steel construction industry and business processes. ConstruSteel specialists have worked in the steel construction industry for many years and know the processes and daily practical challenges. With the ConstruSteel solutions all steel fabrication companies can benefit directly to achieve more efficiency and quality improvements.

Complete steel fabrication software

ConstruSteel helps you to grow

ConstruSteel is the solution you need to run your steel business better and more profitably. In today’s business environment it is increasingly difficult for steel fabrication companies to run effectively and compete without having good control of their business costs & processes. ConstruSteel will help your management, office, fabrication & onsite teams all work together which results in less wasted time, less wasted materials and a better bottom line. Experience the benefits for your company by using our specialized steel fabrication software solutions.

Daily practice in the steel fabrication process

‘How do I manage CE-marking?’
‘I have lots of paperwork!’
‘We enter data in multiple systems. That’s extra work!’
‘Is all the material ordered and when will it be delivered?’
‘Do we have enough production capacity for our projects?’
‘Which assemblies are ready or what is the status?’
‘What is the progress of this project?’
‘An assembly is missing on the erection site!’

No more with ConstruSteel software solutions.

A demo of our solutions?

Our specialists will be happy to demonstrate the power of our steel fabrication software.

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