High-quality software

Developing high-quality software for the steel construction industry is our daily business. We only work with the best specialists and reliable partners to improve efficiency and quality for the steel fabrication process, putting it all together in powerful and easy-to-use steel fabrication software tools.

As part of our vision, every steel fabrication and steel construction company will have access to next generation software to achieve substantial efficiency and quality improvements, no matter the size of the company.

ConstruSteel one of Hollands’ most innovative companies

We are proud to announce that, several times in recent years, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce has voted ConstruSteel as one of the 100 most innovative companies in the Netherlands! As part of our mission to optimise the world of steel, we develop innovative software solutions for steel fabrication companies all around the globe.


ConstruSteel is a leading supplier of specialised software for the steel construction industry. Our mission: optimising the world of steel. This means we only work with the best software solutions and development partners to provide steel fabrication companies the most powerful and easy-to-use software solution.

Daily 5521 users fabricate steel with ConstruSteel. How about you?

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Steel fabrication software solutions

  • Advanced Scribing

    Easily generate scribing lines / layout marking on steel profiles and plates for quick & easy assembly in the workshop.
    Included: Tekla integration and machine control for scribing.

    Advanced Scribing ►
  • ConstruSteel

    Advanced bar nesting software to optimise material use (such as steel beams and flat bars) for less waste and efficient production.
    Included: Tekla integration and machine control for cutting.

    ConstruSteel ►