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Because of the success of the software solutions produced by ConstruSteel, we are expanding our distribution network. Will you become a reseller of our software solutions? ConstruSteel develops advanced and innovative software solutions for steel fabricators worldwide. With our MRP packages many steel fabrication and steel construction companies have improved their business and processes. Because of the success of the software produced by ConstruSteel, we are expanding our distribution network. We feel the need to make sure that all steel fabricators worldwide should be able to benefit from our advanced MRP steel fabrication software solutions.

ConstruSteel offers three kinds of partnerships

  • Authorised Sales Agent

  • Authorised Reseller

  • Authorised Partner

ConstruSteel partnerships

Resellers are the link between our customers and our software. As an authorised agent, reseller or partner you will be trained by ConstruSteel employees on how to use the software solutions. You will be contractually authorised to sell our products and services — sometimes with exclusive rights to sell our products & services in a particular region. This gives customers the peace of mind knowing that they are working with an authorised reselling party with direct access to ConstruSteel as manufacturer of the software solutions. Exactly what steps you need to take to become an authorised distributor depends on the type of partnership.

All agents, resellers and partners can rely on ConstruSteel for

  • Demonstrations of our software solutions

  • Experience in finding prospects, CRM and sales

  • Training of our steel fabrication software solutions

  • Support for sales, training and implementation

Become a reseller

If you are interested in becoming a reseller of ConstruSteel, please fill in the contact form and we inform you about the possibilities.

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