About ConstruSteel

ConstruSteel is an international leading software company specialised in steel fabrication software for achieving efficiency and quality improvements. The innovative software is distributed worldwide via a network of agents, resellers and business partners.

Construction, metal and steel fabrication companies

The project oriented software is designed for companies operating with fluctuating orders and projects. ConstruSteel is the world’s most powerful steel fabrication software solution for small, midsized and large steel fabrication and steel construction companies.

Steel fabrication automation flow - ConstruSteel

Quickly and easily transform BIM into production

Daily 5521 users fabricate steel with ConstruSteel. How about you?

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Optimising the world of steel. ConstruSteel.

Reduce failure costs and increase efficiency by optimising your steel fabrication process.
Discover the power of ConstruSteel’s easy-to-use and independent structural steel fabrication software.

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