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ConstruSteel ERP is build by ‘building blocks’ (modules). Besides the ERP-suite wich is able to manage all the processes inside an organisation, ConstruSteel also supplies bundles of affiliated modules to control some specific processes. Clicking on a desired configuration below will lead to more information.

Available configurations of modules:
  • Company management ERP-suite (total solution)
  • Calculation & Sales-bundle
  • Time Registration-bundle
These modules can be used as stand-alone applications:
  • Cost Estimation
  • Job Preparation
  • DSTV Viewer / Editor
The modular structure offers a great advantage that it is not necessary to buy the whole ERP-suite at once. A company can perfectly start with one of our bundles or modules and expand gradually. In this way the investment can be spread over several year and the software can grow with the demands of the company.

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